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Thousands of protesters demand rapid airlift from Afghanistan

Thousands of protesters demand rapid airlift from Afghanistan

Thousands of demonstrators demanded the speedy and unbureaucratic evacuation of people threatened from Afghanistan during protests in several German cities on Tuesday. According to the organizers, the largest demonstration took place in Berlin. “Air bridge now” and “We have space” can be read on the signs and banners in front of the Reichstag Building, the seat of the Bundestag. According to the police, the afternoon came much more than expected with 2,100 participants, and 500 were registered. Final numbers were not yet available.

A broad coalition to which the “Seebrücke” initiative belongs has called for protests in eight cities in Germany. According to the organizers, about 1,000 people came to Cologne, which is also much more than expected. Organizers said the police force in Leipzig was around 500. After the hardline Islamist Taliban movement came to power, the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated dramatically. Desperate people tried to get to planes at the airport in the capital, Kabul.

The first German embassy employees were evacuated and arrived in Germany

The first staff of the German embassy in Kabul returned to Germany on Tuesday afternoon after being evacuated from Afghanistan. According to information from the German news agency, they landed on a scheduled plane at Schönefeld Airport in Berlin. On Monday evening, they were among the first 40 German citizens who were flown to Doha, in the Emirate of Qatar, on an American plane. It was not initially clear exactly how many of those had arrived at Schoenefeld on the linear plane.

A quick evacuation became necessary after the radical Islamist Taliban movement advanced to Kabul in a very short time after the international forces withdrew and effectively took power in the country.

Meanwhile, the German army’s mission to evacuate other German citizens and local Afghan staff from the Bundeswehr, federal ministries and relief organizations is also underway.