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Thousands of Afghans are reportedly leaving British hotels

Thousands of Afghans are reportedly leaving British hotels

According to a report, the British government wants to find alternative accommodation for Afghan refugees living in hotels. If new housing is not accepted soon, homelessness will result.

By the end of the year, almost all of the 9,000 Afghans who have been staying in British hotels since fleeing in August 2021 will have left them, the Times reported. Sometimes it only takes a few weeks. Johnny Mercer, the UK government’s foreign secretary, was due to make an official announcement on the matter today.

It comes as the Conservative government plans to house more than 50,000 refugees who are currently staying in hotels elsewhere. Government spending on housing refugees in hotels is a recurring issue in the British debate.

According to the Times report, the Afghans are being offered other accommodation. However, if they don’t accept them quickly, they risk becoming homeless, the newspaper says.

After the Taliban seized power in August 2021, Britain and its Western allies evacuated many local Afghan forces, but many had to stay behind.

An unnamed government source told The Times it plans a support package to help Afghans build a future. According to the report, military bases in Scampton and Essex have been earmarked for future refugee accommodation.

The British government wants to severely limit the possibility of seeking asylum in Great Britain with the new law. The plan is to detain all people who enter the UK irregularly, regardless of their background, for up to a month. They are then deported to their home country or – if it is too dangerous – to another country.