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This time we are the right government

This time we are the right government

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, under renewed pressure on the “partygate” issue, has asserted that he is the rightful head of government for Great Britain.

Briefly essentials

  • Boris Johnson is the rightful Prime Minister of Great Britain – he explained.
  • He is again under pressure to ban locked parties on Downing Street.

Who is in the “partygate” affair Under pressure again Boris Johnson objected Head of Government Should be for Britain. “Whether it’s about Putin’s invasion or our epidemic recovery, we provide the leadership we need in these challenging times.” This is what Johnson said in the “Sunday Express” about his government on Sunday. He listed ten activities to be carried out in the coming week.

These include, among other things, the tightening of British asylum policy and the implementation of the recession in the health system. “New” application Brexit-Freedom »More on the agenda.

OK at first

Johnson has to pay Prohibited locking parties Downing Street came under pressure again after paying the initial fine. He has come to parties sometimes himself.

The resolution of no confidence in the future cannot be dismissed. The regional elections on May 5 will be used as a mental test Head of Government Viewed.

According to the Daily Mail, Johnson’s circle is already working on planning ahead. Parliamentary election work. In fact, the next one is only planned for 2024.

However, Johnson does autumn season Still in office, his supporters may have confidence. That is, no heir can be established in his party before next year and he will have better chances.

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