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This terrifying injury shocked the world of skiing - alpine skiing

This terrifying injury shocked the world of skiing – alpine skiing

Adrian Tho suffered serious injuries. © Adrien Theaux / Social media

These are sights no one wants to see while skating. Yet it does happen again and again. Adrien Tou, a French speed veteran, was seriously injured in a fall at Copper Mountain (USA) last week. Now the 37-year-old is reporting how bad it is for him.

Adrien Theaux is currently the most unlucky person in the skate circus. In January 2020, he suffered a total write-off in his right knee and had to work for his comeback for nearly a year, which he completed in December 2020. After the comeback season, the veteran wanted to start again this year. But nothing comes of it: During Super-G training at Copper Mountain, the Frenchman had a severe fall and was seriously injured.

The three-time World Cup winner wrote on social media: “After a mistake in Super-G, I slipped through the safety nets into the jungle.” “Diagnosis: tibialis fracture, elbow injury with torn triceps muscle and perforations in my thigh from a branch”. The photos Tho shared with fans on his channel are not for the faint of heart.

But as the French reported, things could have been worse. “I was fortunate that I was not affected by vital parts of the body. This is the most important thing,” he stated in his statement. Theaux had surgery twice in the USA and then returned home.

“I feel sorry for Seb, the skiman and the coaches. We’ve been doing a great job for over a year to get back to the top level. All the traffic lights were green, impressions were very good and so were the times,” said the 37-year-old, for whom the season is now over.