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This popular messaging service will soon include ads

This popular messaging service will soon include ads


Updated April 4, 2024 at 3:43 PM EST

Change is coming to Discord. Ads will soon be available in the messaging service, which is especially popular with players.

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Discord Inc. wants to… Making a change to its online calling service. The communication app for video, voice and text chat, which is especially popular with gamers, was previously ad-free. But this will change soon.

The company wants to present so-called “propaganda missions” as early as April, among other things Technological portal “Arstechnica” mentioned. Sponsored missions appear to be hidden behind these “Sponsored Missions”, which will appear at the bottom left of the screen in the future.

These tasks are intended to suddenly launch on screens and ask you to stream or share certain games in order to obtain so-called in-game rewards. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal and others.

So far, it seems that only PC gamers have been affected

After Discord Inc., with CEO Jason Citron, spoke out against ads for a long time, the company has now jumped on the bandwagon, which is also frequently used by other online services. According to reports, this action also enables Discord to collect additional user data. This includes location, age and games played. Among other things, ads must be more specifically placeable.

So far the change only seems to affect PC players. It appears that users who have an app calling service on their smartphones and only use it for chatting should be exempt from “sponsored tasks” – and it remains to be seen if this will change.
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