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This makes your four walls safer

This makes your four walls safer

emergency call

for home alarms Can’t plead enough. In fact, it can save lives. Offers are available from different establishments, but they always have the most important things in common:

  • Warning – Whether as a chain around the neck, a “smart emergency call” on the wrist or partially by contacting the device: once the user has fallen or is in a difficult situation, they can get help via the device. The devices are connected to the control center, which in turn calls the emergency doctor or the firefighter. The switch is usually rolled up so that assistants can enter.
  • use – A home emergency call deals with the worst problem: many accidents happen in the home and the elderly in particular often suffer serious damage because they are not getting help fast enough. In the event of a fall, help can be sought directly via the home emergency call.
  • access / note – Depending on the provider, the alarm covers not only the apartment, but also the garden or basement. Most of the time, users log out when they go shopping, for example, and log back in when they come back. Other providers want a short confirmation in the morning and evening – just to make sure everything is okay.

The emergency home call can only be recommended for people with disabilities. No one who lives alone at home can hope to get outside help in the event of a fall.

Anti-slip mats

Even at a young age, one of them flies over a rug or with it. However, what works perfectly in fairy tales often ends up in injuries at home. Basically, it is recommended Carpets and upholstery Fixed to the floor with non-slip carpet. However, there are caveats: Very thin runners tend to curl at the ends. There is no anti-slip mat that can help avoid tripping hazards here, but special adhesive tapes can help.

Where anti-slip mats are most useful and necessary: ​​in the shower. Showers and bathtubs should be equipped with secure, firm grip mats. Also, the bathroom rug in front of the outlet is safer if it sticks to the floor.

Products for visual or hearing impairment

If eyesight has deteriorated significantly or if hearing is much easier, help is usually required. In the past, these tools were found sporadically and above all they were very conspicuous. This has changed thanks to the latest technology:

  • visual aids Modern technology allows the visually impaired to participate in life. E-book readers allow reading, and screens can also be adjusted according to the eye. However, reading programs are more valuable. Whether as a smartphone app that allows TV guide To scan and then read out loudwhether as a digital assistant that can read books, recipes, and calendars – technology offers various utilities.
  • Hearing impairment – Did it rang? This is a question that many people with a hearing loss ask themselves. Technology can help: Doorbells can be connected to digital assistants, but if you don’t want to, you can find kits with lights: if it rings, the light comes on. Smartphone apps can now help too, which in turn means the device should always be at hand. If you don’t like it, you can have multiple fitness and smartwatches: once connected to the smartphone, notification apps can be selected. For example, if the doorbell rings, the watch will vibrate on your wrist.

There were also good tools for intercom or phone calls for a long time. A number of programs convert word into text so that a person with a hearing loss can read what is being said during a phone call.

Conclusion – safe and comfortable

Today, there are many different ways to be able to live well at home in old age or with physical disabilities. Technology makes many things possible. However, you should not do without the emergency call home button. Older adults are often prevented from lying helplessly in the bathroom for hours – or even longer – after a fall.