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This is why rapper Cardi B deletes her social media accounts

This is why rapper Cardi B deletes her social media accounts

Rapper Cardi B deleted all of her social media channels on Sunday evening. Photo: imago stock and people/Liv Radin

It looks like rapper Cardi B is staying away from the crowd Life To pull. Only a few weeks ago, it became known that the 29-year-old had given up her lead role in the comedy “Assisted Living” because she was feeling overwhelmed. Now the “WAP” singer has hit one A sudden withdrawal from social networking sites and an angry message to her fans.

Cardi B explodes: ‘I hate this stupid fan base’

“I’m going to delete my Twitter account. I hate this damn stupid fan base. You fools do to me children down because you guys thought I was going to the Grammys when I wasn’t,” she tweeted, Before deleting her account directly from Sunday to Monday.

All Cardi B's social media accounts are offline.

All Cardi B’s social media accounts are offline.Image: Twitter screenshot

Her Instagram profile and TikTok account have since disappeared. About the latter, she explained in a live broadcast before retiring how her decision came. “I was on Twitter “And I saw my fans, my awful fans, making fun of me there,” the rapper said furiously. “They said I was lazy and accused me of giving hints that I was going to Grammys. When did you ever hint that I was going to the Grammys?

The rapper did not appear at the Grammys

The rapper was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the Grammys for her song Up, released in 2021. In the end, the music award went to Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. Cardi B clearly saw it coming, which is why she didn’t attend the awards show. “Why should I attend the awards ceremony? Do I have any new awards Music? Why do I have to come there to get nominated? “I raged on the TikTok livestream.

Apparently, among the hate messages, some bad words were said to have been addressed to the rapper’s seven-month-old baby. “If I bring my son to language “I hate you,” she explained. “Then I wish you the worst.”

Cardi B can’t stand the pressure from her fans

According to the electronic portalpaintingCardi B previously deleted her Twitter account last year. It looks like she just couldn’t handle the expectations of her fans. She revealed in this context, “I have a lot of pressure. I work on many things to please people.” Instagram.