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This is why Prince Andrew visits the Queen so often

This is why Prince Andrew visits the Queen so often

Prince Andrew visits his mother, Queen Elizabeth, daily. He also wants to restore his reputation.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Andrew visits his mother every day before lunch.
  • He wants to make up for the damage done.
  • He will appear on the next official royal date in mid-June.

Actually Prince Andrew (62) Banishment from the royal family: His titles and patronage are taken from him, heir to the throne Charles (73) wants to expel him from the castle as king. But still for now Queen Elizabeth (96) responsible – and she has a soft spot for her son.

Surprisingly, she chose him to accompany her for remembrance for Prince Philip (99). Otherwise, the relationship must be very good. Prince Andrew visits his home Mother Every day too, say British “Mirror” insiders. You can set your watch by him, he comes every day before lunch.

Through his visits he wanted to ensure that the Queen felt “comfortable and cared for”. But that’s not the only reason: “He’s trying everything to make up for the disgrace he’s brought to his family through the scandal,” according to an insider.

Prince Andrew has maintained his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, who has been convicted of pedophilia. Virginia Joffrey, Epstein’s victim, accused Andrew of molesting her when she was a minor. Despite the indictment, there was never a court case, and the parties involved came to an agreement to compare previously.

“He wants to make amends with the Queen,” reveals an insider. “That’s why he does everything to see her as often as possible.” He also wants to show the rest of the royal family that he is still useful.

Do you visit your mother regularly?

The Queen appears to have at least partially forgiven her son. And according to information from the “Daily Mail”, it is assumed that he will already participate in a royal date in mid-June.

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