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This is why Alex Maria Peter ate himself fat.

Former GNTM Winner

This is why Alex Maria Peter ate himself fat.

Alex Maria Peter reveals the sad reason behind her weight gain. The sexual harassment meant that she no longer wanted to look attractive.


In her podcast “Yum Yum Hustlers”, last year’s GNTM winner Alex Maria Peter (25) revealed that she had gained 40 kilos in a short time.


  • Alex Maria Peter (25) gained 40 kilos in one year.

  • 2021 GNTM winner reveals sexual harassment is the cause of weight gain.

  • You no longer want to be attractive to the outside world.

Last year, Alex Maria surprised Peter (25) with a new look. the The 2021 winner of the “Best Model in Germany” award on the “Yum Yum Hustlers” podcast confirmed that she gained 40 kilograms in just one year. During her participation in the Heidi Klum talent show, the 1.85-meter-tall model weighed 55 kilograms and presented a slim and fit body. Today it is 95 kilograms, which is what the scales show. She said at the time that the weight gain did not bother her.

But now Alex is revealing the sad reason why she added 40 kilos on her hip. After winning the model show, she had to go through a hard time because she was sexually harassed. “I ate myself really fat. I realized I no longer wanted to be attractive to the outside world,” the 25-year-old said of the bad experience.

Alex felt uncomfortable with “Let’s Dance”.

Alex told the shocking story as part of RTL’s “Let’s Dance” dance show. The woman from Cologne has already been voted out in the first episode. But on her podcast, she said it wasn’t too bad for her. “We all know I don’t like dancing much now. But it’s something where I can jump over my shadow. But everyone who knows me can see how uncomfortable I feel during live performances.” But this has nothing to do with her dance partner Alexandru Ionel (28). In training with him, I always felt very comfortable.

Another reason for an influencer not to be sad that the broadcast ends is because of audience pressure. The viewer expects a lot of special things. I’m reluctant to reveal things about myself that I might not want to reveal.” That’s why she always beats around the bush, she admits. You had alluded to a sexual assault.”

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