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This is where our mountain biking champions arrive in Zurich

This is where our mountain biking champions arrive in Zurich

Swiss Olympic champions Neff, Frey, Inergand and Roeser are back in Switzerland. At Zurich airport they greet fans with deafening noises.

A big welcome for Jolanda Nef, Sina Fry, Linda Indergand and Marilyn Rosser at Zurich Airport. – No

The basics in brief

  • On Tuesday, Jolanda Nef, Sina Fry, and Linda Endergand made something of a historic debut.
  • The medal winners of the 2021 Olympics land in Zurich-Kloten this afternoon.
  • Hundreds of fans greeted the trio and Marilyn Rosser returned home.

This had only happened twice before in history. triple Jolanda NeveSina Fry and Linda Indergand won a full set of medals in mountain bike racing at the 2021 Olympics.

Swiss female cyclists receive their medals. – SRF

Two days after the historic victory, the Stewards came home this afternoon with Test Medalist Marilyn Roeser. In the Zurich Airport Family, friends and frantic fans are waiting for them. And above all «Trichler», who came from the homeland of Inergand Uri.

Survey of fans who attended the reception in Zurich-Kloten. – No

After taking a shower in the crowd, take a shower at home

“We were all allowed to travel in business class to the cockpit,” Marilyn Rosser reported after showering in the crowd.

And Jolanda Nef wants to shower first when she gets home.

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