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This is what the latest polls predict in the US midterm elections

The United States is voting today

Here’s what you need to know about midterm

While the starting position in the House of Representatives is clear, the race for the Senate remains very exciting until the end. All or nothing for Joe Biden and Donald Trump now.


What next after the United States of America? Today the political destiny of the country of 330 million people is decided. The starting position before the midterm is very exciting.

Is the “red wave” coming? Or will the “blue wall” hold? Halftimes in the United States today are nothing short of controlling in Washington. One thing is almost certain: the House of Representatives (“the National Assembly of the United States”) will fall into the hands of the Republicans. In the case of the Senate (“the Council of State of the United States”), the starting position is still so strict that it is difficult to make any predictions.

What is the topic of “midterm elections”?