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This is what Noëlla wanted to do with the prize money

This is what Noëlla wanted to do with the prize money

Noella exited the 2022 ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ final in fourth place. So her dream of winning season 17 was shattered. After she retired, she publicly spoke to us in an interview and revealed what she had planned with 100,000 euros in prize money.

In the clip: Interview with finalist Noella

What advice would you give yourself before the season?

Noella: I should have trained myself at home to control my tongue and keep my mouth shut. I think this is my biggest weakness: my energy and feedback. This is the thing that has caused me the most trouble. My sense of humor is dry. I’m such a person: I even laugh when my friends fall for it. This is a kind of humor.

Which guest did you find the most exciting and why?

Noella: Nikita Thompson. Nikita inspires me as a person. I followed her before GNTM and I think her presence is great. So I was very happy to meet her.

What are your future plans?

Noella: I would like to model as a career in the future and not slide into influencer. I see myself as a model of extreme artistic modeling with extravagant poses and also in the direction of haute couture and haute couture. This is where I see myself because I’m an excitable guy too. Which is why I hope the door will open in that direction as well and that I can get in easily.

What would you do with 100,000 euros?

Noella: I don’t know, I’m totally honest. My dream has come true so far. I could never have expected the way things had turned out for me until now. I would look for projects where I could do something for myself and those around me. I have always wanted to be able to set up a small school in Congo. Depending on what my life is like, maybe there is a way to make this project come true.

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