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This is what his daughter said when she was asked about her father’s job at the school

This is what his daughter said when she was asked about her father’s job at the school

Because of the rapper!

That’s what Bushido’s daughter says at school when asked what her father does for a living

Anna Maria Ferschi and Bushido share a funny story in a new podcast episode.

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Is a father’s job not for school?

Anna Maria Ferschi and Bushido’s life in Dubai is quite normal. As usual, it could be with the rapper father and family manager of eight. And as a kid, what do you actually say in school about what your parents do for a living? Daughter Aaliyah (11) has come up with something special, Anna Maria and Bushido now tell us in the new podcast.

Aaliyah did not tell the school that her father was a rap star

On the podcast “In bed with Anna Maria and Anis Ferchichi” The two immigrants from Dubai don’t mince words and talk openly about their daily family life and their children. Current topic: Daughter Aaliyah was asked at school what her parents do for a living. “Then she said, ‘My mom is doing something with Instagram,’ and I thought that was really cool, too,” Ana Maria says.

Only with Baba Bushido she did not want to tell the truth, because “since they went to an American school, she said: ‘I can’t say that my father is a rap star, they think I’m showing off,'” Ana Maria describes her daughter’s stories.

Anna Maria Ferchishi finds her daughter’s statement simply “nice”

So Bushido’s eleven-year-old daughter simply hides the fact that her father is one of Germany’s most successful rap stars and instead sets him up as a businessman. Then she simply said: My father has a company. It’s not a lie either. I thought it was really cute too. The 41-year-old said: “She did not say that out of shame, but simply because she thought no one would believe her father was famous anyway.”

Whether you’re a rapper, an entrepreneur, or just a parent – Bushido is simply the best for your kids.


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