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This is what Elden Ring looks like as a replica of the Nintendo Game Boy

This is what Elden Ring looks like as a replica of the Nintendo Game Boy

from Michael Misculin
Elden Ring is famous for its wonderful panoramas of its landscapes. But what would an epic RPG look like if it were released for the Nintendo Game Boy? A hobbyist tried to answer that question with his own retro-themed Elden Ring design for the Game Boy.

An amateur has created a miniature version of Elden Ring that shows what Elden Ring could look like in a Nintendo Game Boy. in one last reddit Fan developer “-shin-” presented his project for the first time and presented a short gameplay video with his first boss fight. The Elden Ring Demake comes in classic Game Boy colors of gray and green and is a bit reminiscent of classics like Link’s Awakening and Mystic Quest.

Elden Ring Demake can also be played with real Game Boy

According to his own statements, fan developer “-shin-” is already working on a demo for Elden Ring demake. This should also be playable on PC – but it should also be able to be used with a real Game Boy. “-shin-” does not yet know how far the project will progress, but it wants to complete the Limgrave of the intermediate land by the end of May. Anyone interested in how Demaker developed the project can visit his site Twitch channel To look over the shoulder.

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But the hobby programmer also gives an insight into the development of the Elden Ring demake on Reddit. This is how he uses it GB Studio 3.0to achieve the project. This is a simple drag-and-drop game generator complete with visual scripting that doesn’t require a lot of prior experience to create games with an old Game Boy look. By the way, recoveries from the From-Software world are not entirely new: they were only recently with PSX Bloodborne The PS1 version of Bloodborne has been released for PC.

source: reddit