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This is what Ed Sheeran's latest tattoo means

This is what Ed Sheeran’s latest tattoo means

Fans of Ed Sheeran (30 years old) couldn’t just look forward to new music from their idol thanks to his new song “Overpass Graffiti”. The singer, who recently pulled out a little, again showed himself to the camera in the video. It was also noted that Sheeran has a new tattoo. In one scene he was bathing in the river with his friends and appeared topless. It can be seen that his back is now completely painted over.

The meaning behind the idea was not clear at first glance. The back of the massive star is now decorated with four empty squares. In one of them there are small feet. A source has now revealed that these are the feet of Sheeran’s first daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran (1). The remaining squares will soon be filled in as well: “Ed’s new tattoo symbolizes the four children he would like to have. Lyra’s footprints filled the upper box, the rest he kept for his other children.” Now all Sheeran has to do is convince his wife, Sherry Seaborn, 29, to have more children.