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This is what Carlos Valderrama looks like today

The man only turned slightly gray

Valderrama’s mane is still striking today

Carlos Valderrama has always been an eye-catcher on the football field, thanks to his style of play, but above all because of his hairstyle. Even at the age of sixty, nothing has changed.

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His playing style is still deceptive. His movements are still active, albeit a little slower than before. And his hairstyle is still reminiscent of a lion on the lawn: even at the age of 60, Colombian football legend Carlos Valderrama is still an icon on the field.

On the weekend, “The Man” danced across the field again. As part of the “Beautiful Game” charity match – which was organized by former Brazilian stars Ronaldinho (42) and Roberto Carlos (49) – Valderrama put on his football boots again. The fact that the former Colombian captain (111 games, 11 goals, 3 World Cup matches) ended his career in 2002 wasn’t really clear.