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This is what ABBA's new music looks like

This is what ABBA’s new music looks like

39 Years Break – Now back with a new album and as 3D images on stage. He appears to be paranoid. But it’s just: oppa. This is the story of one of the coolest comebacks in pop history.

daddy fans They got more than they dared hope yesterday evening: the Swedish pop band not only announced details of their long-planned multimedia presentation at the global “Abba Event” – as they had hoped – but also introduced new music at the same time.

singles “I still believe in you” (video above) and “Don’t shut me down” (Video at the end of this text) Abba’s clear voice is instantly available on the Internet. On November 5th, “Voyage” is set to be followed by eight more new songs.

Starting in May 2022, the stars will be sending digital photos onto the stage. Fans Referee on Twitter: “Abba save 2021!”

“big” and “awesome”

The band had earlier announced a “historic live broadcast” on Twitter, which sparked a lot of speculation. In parallel with the broadcast on YouTube, press conferences were held in Stockholm, Berlin, London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo.

In conjunction with the broadcast on YouTube, press conferences were held Thursday evening in Stockholm (photo), Berlin, London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo, during which the return of Abba was announced.

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The virtual reality project “Abba Voyage” is set to celebrate its premiere in London on May 27. The matching 3,000-seat musical theater is currently still being built. Virtual images of Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus as well as Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad sing and dance on stage, accompanied by a live ten-person band.

“It seems paranoid. completely above it. For each regular band. But we’re talking about Oppa. Among the more than 400 million albums sold, Spiegel writes. The Swedish band is called “One Big Typewriter”.

Moderators, who conducted live broadcasts in Stockholm and London, repeatedly stressed last night that it was about something big. They kept saying “big” and “awesome”.

abatar instead of aba

In fact, the four Abba members are now 70 years old, but their “Abbatars” for the virtual reality project is based on their photos from 1979. The event tickets It should be available from next week.

The band themselves say in a press release about the comeback, “It’s been a long time since we last made music together. Almost 40 years to be exact. In the spring of 1982 we took a break, and now we’ve made the decision to end that break.”

Further: “We were told it was foolish to let 40 good years pass between two albums, so we recorded a follow-up to The Visitors. We simply call it a trip, and in fact we’re cruising down uncharted waters. We’re counting on our young selves to launch into the future.”

From “Waterloo” to “The Dancing Queen” to “One of Us”

after your International breakthrough in 1974 Couples Agnetha and Björn as well as Benny and Anni-Frid have toured the world. The women sang while the men were responsible for the lyrics and melodies of Abba’s songs.

APA 2021.
APA 2021.

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Several of her singles reached the top of the charts worldwide – “Waterloo”, “SOS”, “Mamma Mia”, “Fernando”, “Dancing Queen”, “Money, Money, Money”, Know Me, Know You”, “Super Trooper” and “One of Us”.

According to the ABBA Museum, the band has sold more than 380 million albums worldwide. But after the couple broke up, the two musicians announced the end of their collaboration in 1982.

“Oppa are not such a band”

So far the sensation, after nearly 39 years – the four are back in the studio. “I can hardly believe the moment has finally come to share this with the world,” Agnetha wrote in a message to fans. It was similar to them, pictures of spectators appeared at the huge event full of joy.

Finally one again Comment from Spiegel: “There are bands that have been around for a long time, constantly releasing new albums and playing live until it seems like they can’t do that anymore. It feels nonstop. And it’s often not in their best interest. ABBA are not that kind of band.”