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This is Tuesday in Beijing

This is Tuesday in Beijing

Will Lara Gut Bahrami win the third medal in the 2022 Olympics? Women’s downhill skiing is the highlight of Tuesday’s Beijing event.

The basics in brief

  • Mathilde Grimaud wins Olympic gold in the arc after bronze in Big Air.
  • At 4 a.m., the women’s ramp will be a highlight of week two of the Olympics.
  • Both men and women can be seen again on the ice.
  • 9.40 am All about sausage for ice cream connoisseurs against the Czech Republic.

The twelfth day of the 2022 Olympic Games is approaching! On Tuesday, Lara Gut Bahrami was the most famous Swiss gold medalist once again.

The Ticino native will begin his descent with Corinne Sutter, Jasmine Fleury, and Joanna Hallen. After the gold in Super-G, the 30-year-old is one of the favorites on the downhill – all four athletes have a chance of winning a medal.

Olympic Tuesday in the tape

04.50 curling: The Swiss loses to the United States. The tenth and final end must be played to the end, Switzerland has no chance of the necessary triple house. She lost 4:7 and has to shiver in the semi-finals.

04.45 curls: Americans come. At the eighth and ninth ends, they can steal a stone. The Swiss are now 4:7 behind and under a lot of pressure.

04.40 Alpine skiing: Yasmine Flory He shows a lot of caution after her practice crash and is 1.13secs behind Elena Cortone.

Joanna Hallin He drives better, sometimes ahead by three tenths. In the latter segment, the leading Italian was much better. Hählen is 0.29 seconds behind, that’s the intermediate second place.

04.30 Alpine skiing: Now the Olympic slope begins. Yasmine Flory And Joanna Hallin Numbers 3 and 4 have started. Swiss candidates Corinne Sutter (15) and Lara Gut Bahrami (19) come later. What can you show?

04.15 nets: The United States takes the lead again after the seventh end. On the sixth, Switzerland writes two houses, but the United States draws the same. The Swiss are late 4:5.

04.00 Free: Mathilde Grimaud She won the gold in downhill style for her second medal at the 2022 Olympics. She’s putting everyone in the shade with her second great run. The silver medal went to China’s Big Air winner Elaine Gu, ahead of Kelly Seldaro of Estonia.

03.45 Alpine skiing: Lara Gut Bahrami And co have to be patient. Again, the wind is blowing pretty hard on the ramp, so the start has been pushed back to 4.30am for the time being.

03.32 Ski free: Now the great shaking begins. Mathilde Grimaud risked it all again in the third round and showed a good run. On the last jump, she fell really hard, but thankfully doesn’t hurt herself. Do you stay on the podium with 86.56 points? The other ten riders are still on top.

03.30 curling: Halfway through the match, the Swiss are a little behind. The Americans are leading 3-2. At the sixth finish, the Swiss once again have the right to the last stone.

03.25 Ski free: Mathilde Grimaud On her way to her second medal at the 2022 Olympics. After the second round, she finished first with 86.56 points. Estonian Kelly Seldaro is on her way to winning silver with 82.06 points, ahead of American Maggie Voisen with 74.28 points.

03.02 Ski free: After falling for the first offers Mathilde Grimaud Excellent second round. It completes the race flawlessly, and requires technical and creativity. The jury awarded the smiling Swiss woman 86.56 points, the highest value so far.

02.45 Curls: Bad luck for Swiss football. After two ends they are 1:2 behind us. The second stone had to be re-measured in a two-person USA home.

02.31 Ski free: first run of Mathilde Grimaud no thing. Immediately after landing at the first rail, she falls backwards, falls and loses the skate. The good thing: This 22-year-old has three runs, only the best.

02.25 Ski free: Im Big Air . Hat Mathilde Grimaud Won the bronze medal. Today she has a chance to get a second medal in the slopes. In qualifying, she showed some effort and reached the final by a hair’s length.

02.00 Crimp: From a Swiss point of view, the Maiden Game begins on Olympic Tuesday. Valentine TannerAnd Peter D CruzAnd Sven Michael And Benoit Schwartz After six matches with three wins. By defeating the USA today, they can greatly increase their chances of making the semi-finals.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Tuesday:

07.05: the netwoman, round robinSwitzerland, and the United States of America

7.30 am: biathlonmen, 4×7.5 kmseries

For the Swiss athletes, the over 4×7.5 kilometer relay is essentially about a restorative outcome of competition. Josha goes to fight for an Olympic diploma BurcalterNicholas hard waySebastian stable and Benjamin road I entered the race as a stranger. So far the guys have been disappointed. No one has been able to qualify for the final mass start race next Friday.

2.50 m: Bobmen, two men pop

something surprising Michael Vogt With his leg brake Andreas Haas for the bronze medal on day two of the two-man bobsleigh competition. After two of four rounds, the next man from Schwyz was just 15th of a cent off the podium in fifth. Simon Friedleythe second Swiss pilot, on the other hand, has no chance of taking center stage.

Snowboarding, Women, Big Air (03:15)

Snowboard, Men, Large Air (06:45)

9.40 am: ice hockeymen, Switzerland – Czech Republic

After a disappointing preliminary round with three defeats in three matches, it was National ice hockey team Truth Day. In the Round of 16 against the Czech Republic, the Swiss team plays against a premature elimination, having been eliminated before the quarter-finals in 2014 (against Latvia) and 2018 (against Germany). The Swiss had lost to the Czech Republic in the preliminary round 1: 2 after a penalty shootout.

1:29 pm: Snowboardingshort program

figure skater Alexia Paganini The short program is coming. Qualifying for freestyle is not a natural for the 20-year-old, having not really succeeded in the last important competitions. At the World Championships last year she was in 25th place and missed the freestyle, and at the European Championships in January she placed 10th after finishing 4th two years earlier.

Fabian Bosch, Kim Gobser, Andrei Ragitley, Colin Wylie: Freestyle skiing, snowboarding, qualifying (05:30 and 06:33)

Nicholas Gijax, Noe Roth, Permain Werner: Freestyle skiing, aerials, qualifying (12.00 noon and 12.45 pm)

More decisions in the 2022 Olympics

9:28 AM Women’s Speed ​​Skating Team

9:47 a.m.: The pursuit of the men’s speed skating team

11.30 a.m.: Common North, big hill / 10 km cross-country skiing

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