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This is the speed of sound on Mars

This is the speed of sound on Mars

An international team of researchers has analyzed the sounds it contains Mars rover perseverance On the red planet I was born. How high the speed of sound is on Mars has also been calculated.

Specifically, the sound made when the rover launched a rock was analyzed using its laser to learn more about its composition. This measures the time it takes for the sound to reach the rover’s microphone. This diagram shows the measurement process.

This is the speed of sound on Mars

This allowed the calculation that sound travels on Mars at a speed of about 240 meters per second spread. For comparison: the speed of sound on Earth 343 meters per second (in dry air, 20 ° C). aThe ambient temperature has also been taken into account on the surface of Mars thanks to a thermometer on the microphone.

The scientists also found that speed changes with frequency. About 400 Hz Sound accelerates at about 10 meters per second. “This could lead to a unique listening experience on Mars, with higher-pitched sounds arriving much earlier than the bass,” the scientists wrote. It could also make it difficult to communicate via sound waves on Mars.

More research

Search results are displayed in The 53rd International Conference on Lunar and Planetary Sciences It presents and can in this PDF to look at her. The team wants behavior The sound on the red planet Continuing to observe, among other things, knowing the influences that have changed conditions – such as Sand Storms or the winter months – Take it.