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This is over after "Let's Dance"!

This is over after “Let’s Dance”!


With her participation in “Let’s Dance” 2022 Princess Boucher She made a big dream because she loves the dance show with all her heart. But after ten weeks, she has to admit that a file Balancing family, work and “Let’s Dance” She asks a lot. Now she draws her conclusions from it, as she reveals in the video.

Princess Boucher: “There is such a thing as dementia ‘Let’s Dance’!”

Amira Boucher, a mother of two, has a tight schedule: cooking, shopping, dancing training, her own business and in between organizing some dates for the kids. This is where you get confused. “I really forget a lot. There is such a thing as dementia ‘Let’s Dance,'” Amira admits with a smile.

That’s why, after “Let’s Dance”, she wants to step back a bit professionally and focus on her family, because that is simply the highest priority of a purebred mother. “For me, family is my top priority. It’s really all about it! Every training time, every bedtime, every date is really about it!” He reveals the “Let’s Dance” filter. And soon Oliver Bucher’s husband And the two kids are a princess all for themselves again.

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