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This is how “uncomfortable” to meet with members of the royal family

The royals can’t talk to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. If Lillibit Windsor was baptized, the situation should be “unpleasant”.

The basics in brief

  • Apparently, Harry and Meghan want to baptize their daughter in Windsor despite the Royal Os.
  • The reunion is likely to be “uncomfortable” for the Sussexes, says a royal expert.

After the birth of Lilibet Diana (1 month), one question arises: where and how will Meghan Markle (39) and Prince Harry (36) Baptizing your daughter? According to insiders, the couple is moving Baptism in Windsor in consideration. This event in the royal chapel will mean a reunion with other members of the royal family.

But it is precisely this meeting that should not be comfortable for the American actress. At least that’s what royal expert Russell Myers believes, as he reveals to “Today”: “It would definitely be uncomfortable. Meghan is not fashionable at the moment in the family.”

Myers thought last He overwhelmed the party It could: “Tensions are still very high within the family.”

Will Harry and Meghan travel to England for Lily’s baptism?

The royal connoisseur thinks he knows why Sussex royal party They want: “It looks like they want some continuity in their family life. archery She was baptized at Windsor Castle before leaving to start her new life in the United States.”

But Myers suspects not only family reasons – also attention It should lure Meghan Markle and Harry back to London: “You definitely want to preserve your royal relationship. It’s a surefire way to make sure everyone talks about it in a royal way.”

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