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This is how the Queen looked before her plastic surgery

Jamila Roo is the new queen at Jungle Camp. Look what she looked like…


The basics in brief

  • Jamila Roo wins the 16th season of Jungle Camp.
  • At the camp she also talks about her plastic surgery.

Plumping lips, dyed hair and smooth skin – this is what the recently crowned Queen of the Jungle looks like.

But did you really know how ‘I’m a star’ – Get me from here” winner beautiful Row (55) Actually once looked?

In 2002, the makeup artist made headlines with a fictional relationship with a Swiss man Ambassador. With fame came plastic surgery…

In the woods, Rowe himself now declared the following. “I once overused hyaluronic acid. It hasn’t been that long since then, I have to say,” says Jamila Rowe.

“Two years ago. I had cheeks there, you could put a cup on them! They were so intense.”

How do you find plastic surgery?

Shortly before her departure to the Australian jungle, the Queen allowed her to help out again. “Maybe it was just too much,” she says, self-deprecating.

She always lets her plastic surgeon do her procedures. Then look at Mirror And you think: ‘Maybe it was too much.’ »

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