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This is how the hateful Princess Diana (36) deceived Oprah Winfrey

This is how the hateful Princess Diana (36) deceived Oprah Winfrey

Princess Diana (36) did not want to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Instead, a bad tomato moose trick played on the talking legend.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Diana (36) did not trust Oprah Winfrey (67).
  • The presenter of the program always tried to persuade her to give an interview.
  • Mrs. Di made a very special plan!

Princess Diana († 36) liked to joke around. The Mother Brothers Prince William, 38, and Harry, 36, were known for their sense of humor. She can also prank herself Princess of Wales Every now and then you can’t resist – but one of them was especially bad!

Journalists and Reporters All over the world they tore themselves up at the time for exclusive interviews with a woman from Prinz Charles (72). Also Oprah Winfrey (67) She tried her luck and went to London for it. But what you didn’t know: Diana had already made a poor plan at the time.

According to royal felt author Robert Lacey Lady Di Not at all comfortable with the talking legend. “I thought Oprah was just looking for the sensations,” he reveals in his book The Battle of the Brothers.

So Diana invited Oprah to lunch. At the princess’s request, the two women ate the famous tomato mousse made by palace chef Darren McGrady. Oprah reportedly asked, “Diana, how do you stay thin when you eat such rich food?”

How do you like the joke of Princess Diana?

What the presenter didn’t know: Diana had previously asked her cook to serve her a fat-free version. On the other hand, Oprah’s got the heavy, full-fat version with cream and mayonnaise. This is despite the fact that the TV star only lost 40 kilograms through a strict diet at the time. So disgusting!

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