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This is how the audience receives Lord of the Rings

This is how the audience receives Lord of the Rings

“The enthusiasm is different”, “The best Tolkien app of all time”, “Too bad” – Middle-earth fans have different opinions about the “Rings of Power”. What do you think of the LotR offer?

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The “Lord of the Rings” spin-off “The Rings of Power” drew 25 million viewers in its first 24 hours. This makes it the premiere of the most watched series Amazon president.

The most expensive series produced to date β€” Amazon spent about $460 million for the first season β€” takes place thousands of years before the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, set in Age Two in Middle-earth. According to Variety, more than 20 visual effects studios and 1,500 visual effects artists have worked on the spin-off.. Participating studios also include Weta FX, who previously worked on the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” films.

While critics of the series were on rotten tomatoes 84 out of a possible 100 percent, the audience sees it differently: This is where the ‘Rings of Power’ get their evaluation Only 39 percent. According to the Hollywood Reporter This poor rating may be due to the phenomenon called “Review Bombing”, which was also used in the films “She-Hulk” and “Ms. Marvel” that was the case. “Review bombing” occurs when a group of online users submits a large number of negative reviews to a series, which relate more to perceived cultural or political issues than to actual quality.

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Are you one of the 25 million people who streamed “Rings of Power” in a single day? What are your thoughts on fantasy series so far?

on too Twitter Discuss Middle-earth fans. While some got chills while watching, others scolded the series as “confusion” and “wake up”.

Here are 24 fan reactions from Twitter:

Negative feedback from fans

Positive feedback from fans

What do you think of “Rings of Power”?


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