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This is how radiation therapy works in Winnenden using the new linear accelerator – News from Winnenden

This is how radiation therapy works in Winnenden using the new linear accelerator – News from Winnenden

The Rems-Murr Radiotherapy Clinic at Robert-Bosch-Straße 1 in Winnenden switched on its new high-precision linear accelerator “True Beam” on April 2. A press release from the Radiation Oncology Network reveals that the latest generation of devices comes from world-leading manufacturer Varian Medical Systems. When asked, the marketing department of the national practice group, which has 700 employees, said that “True Beam” and the redesign of the room in which it is located had cost 2.7 million euros.

The device floats using a lever

At the beginning of January, the last irradiation of the patient was performed on the abandoned linear accelerator, which had been in use since 2010 and was considered a technical innovation at the time. The dismantling of the old accelerator and the dismantling of several other technical systems were well prepared and went smoothly before the delivery of the advanced accelerator, which was brought in by crane on February 17.

The renovated radiation chamber is spacious, modern and friendly in design, with the new linear accelerator filling the middle of it without overwhelming the space, the press release continues. It seems as if there is a large window in the ceiling of the room offering a view of the blue sky. The large, compact optical image is intended to produce a gentle and soothing effect on patients.

Varian's assembly specialists have been installing the new core for the practice in the past few weeks. Since the highest safety standards apply to the operation of a high-performance accelerator, the process of constructing, installing, setting up and calibrating the device is particularly complex. After extensive physical monitoring, operating measurements, technical acceptance tests and the necessary clinical training of doctors, medical physicists and medical radiology technologists, the first patients were treated with the new “True Beam” linear accelerator on the Tuesday after Easter.

During the renovation process, the Schwäbisch Gmünd clinic took over the treatment

doctor. Frank Fensterbusch and Achim Rösler, both doctors in the radiotherapy practice in Wienenden-Hertmannsweiler, are happy with the quick turnaround and stress that they have worked closely with the team in the radiotherapy practice in Schwäbisch Gmund to ensure that all cancer patients in the region can also have the opportunity to be treated. Continue to receive timely care during this difficult phase.

The special feature of the Varian True Beam system is the identification system. This means that a new type of surface scanner continuously scans the patient using coded light, thus ensuring millimeter-accurate positioning. The system recognizes minor deviations and must be corrected immediately, otherwise the device will not release the treatment. It is also possible to use special techniques such as chest breathing treatments, stereotaxy in the head area as well as in the chest and abdominal areas. By stimulating respiration, irradiation no longer occurs throughout the entire respiration curve, but only in the optimal range. The throttle is turned on and off completely automatically.

Benign and malignant tumors are treated, as well as osteoarthritis and heel spurs

As a result, Reims-Myrrh radiotherapy patients will receive more precise, gentler and more effective treatment for malignant tumors in the future, but also many benign diseases such as osteoarthritis of all large and small joints, heel spurs and many others can be treated. “At the university level” in the thesis.

Along with surgery and chemotherapy, radiotherapy is one of the cornerstones of modern cancer treatment. One in two cancer patients receive radiation during their illness to treat it or – in the case of advanced cancer – to relieve pain and improve quality of life.

“We are delighted with the encouragement we have received from our partners and referrers and are proud of the continued development of our practice, through which we can continue to ensure outstanding medical care for patients entrusted to us in Winnenden and the surrounding area.” will d. Frank Fensterbusch quoted in conclusion.