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This is how Putin’s secret banking system works

Five Russian financial institutions affected by the sanctions

This is how Putin’s secret banking system works

The West imposed severe sanctions on five Russian banks. This is intended to prevent President Putin from making further investments in his military.

This annoys even a very powerful person like Vladimir Putin (69). Five banks operating in its orbit are included in the international sanctions list. Including the Bank of Russia. This is not just a financial institution. Russia’s Bank is the core of Putin’s regime. his home bank.

US President Biden: “Russia will no longer receive money from the West.”(01:11)

It is controlled by those close to the president. Among other things written by Yuri Kovalchuk (70 years old), a childhood friend of Putin, who is said to be rich to date $1.4 billion. Smart move: It secures Putin’s authority. The pattern is repeated in other banks.