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This is how professional spouses Renata and Valentin Lucien came together

This is how professional spouses Renata and Valentin Lucien came together>Broadcast>

24. April 2021 – 15:18 hour

Renata Lucien: “You were totally rotten, honey”

In “Let’s Dance” they stand apart from each other on the floor, but in reality they belong to each other: Renata And the Valentin Lucien They have been a dancing couple since they were little. In order to further her dance career, Renata came to Germany at the age of 16 And she immediately fell in love with her dance partner, Valentine. In an interview, they revealed to us how they became a dancing couple.

Joint successes as a dancing couple

Valentine has been dancing with his current wife Renata Lucien, who was accepted into the “Let’s Dance Professional Dancers” in 2018, since he was 16 years old. The dancers have now married for seven years and have already achieved major milestones on the dance floor: they were multiple German champions in youth and major groups, several contestants in the European Finals and World Championships in the standard freestyle, over a dozen dances, and silver medal winners at the World Championships in Swimming. Free between professionals.

Renata and Valentine have never had any pain

Early in 2020, Renata told us in an interview that it was love at first sight between her and Valentine. She came to Germany when she was 16 years old because she was supposed to be Valentine’s dance partner. She remembers the beginning of her love story: “When he picked me up from the airport with his family, he wore sunglasses. Then he took off the sunglasses and I found those blue eyes and I immediately fell in love.”

Since then, the two have been a close knit team – on the private level and in the sport of dance. And that’s why, by the way, they never fell ill with love, as they tell us in this interview. The seventh show “Let’s Dance” in 2021 is all about love! “Actually, I never felt love being together for only 24 hours. The longest time we separated is actually a song, Let’s Dance.”

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