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This is how Prince George discovered he would be king one day

This is how Prince George discovered he would be king one day

At first he was only seven years old, but Prince George already knows what task awaits him one day.

The basics in brief

  • Prince George celebrates his eighth birthday on July 22.
  • It is said that his parents already told him last year what awaits him.
  • According to this, Prince George knows that one day he will become the King of England.

He is only seven years old and has three cheeses!

But one day Prince George will be named after his grandfather Prinz Charles (72) and Prince William (39) receive the crown. But it will take some time until then.

But if you want to become king someday, you are better prepared for your tough role!

Maybe I think so too Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate (39). According to the English royal expert and author Robert Lacey (77, “The Battle of the Brothers”), George knows his future role.

When his parents told him exactly that, Lacey doesn’t know. But the author: “Maybe one day George will tell the story himself. But it should be around seven birthday It happened last summer.

“At that time, his parents went into detail about the future life and royal duties and obligations of the prince.”

Was Prince George ever told about his future royal job?

The Daily Mail wrote earlier that it was clear to George early on that he was different from his brothers.

Until then, Prince George spent a lot and more time alone with Queen (95) and Prinz Charles

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