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This is how much I turned into private ski lessons

This is how much I turned into private ski lessons

Madonna feels at home in Gstaad Be. Luxurious shopping trips, expensive food, private ski lessons – the singer pampers herself with the whole program.

The basics in brief

  • Pop legend Madonna goes on a ski vacation in the Bernese Oberland.
  • Diva owns a luxury chalet in Gstaad Be.
  • The 63-year-old is active and has hired a private ski coach.

While other stars are resting under palm trees, Madonna (63) is pounding the slopes Gstaad be down. In the snowy mountain village, she owns a luxury chalet where she can be with friends and family New Year’s Eve celebrate.

When it comes to life, the singer is not in the mood for fancy things. As Bild reported, Madonna’s chalet is right across the street. In front of the entrance to the house 850 million Franken serious singer mini and Renault Wooden floor.

money gives The ‘Queen of Pop’ dies prefer to SkiLessons from. According to the newspaper, Madonna hired a personal skating coach. Turns 450 pages a day for lessons Franken over there.

And the 63-year-old doesn’t want to do without shopping either. She bought clothes for 4500 at Prada luxury store Franken. According to the seller,Queen Pop is very nice and friendly, not aloof at all.

The singer only goes on a shopping spree when there are not many people in the store. “Otherwise, she will come back later.”

For dinner and a spa break, the 63-year-old goes to the fifth floor.starsLe Grand Bellevue Hotel.

Are you good at skiing?

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