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This is how Luca Hani and his fiancée live three weeks of separation

This is how Luca Hani and his fiancée live three weeks of separation

They still have a crush like day one! But Luca Haney and his fiancée Christina Luft have to spend the next three weeks separately.

Luca Haney and fiancée Christina Luft in their three-week split. –

The basics in brief

  • Luca Hanni and Christina have a nice couple ritual.
  • Lovebirds say good night to each other every night before they fall asleep.

the love It is…saying good night to yourself every night before you go to bed!

This is how Luca Haney, 27, and fiancée Christina Luft, 32, deal with it, because they are now face to face RTL betrayal.

“In fact, we already have a rule that when we’re apart for a long time we say good night and Facetime every night.”

The soon-to-be Bernerin continues: “So really every day before we go to bed. Otherwise we can’t sleep!” Ah, must the love be beautiful.

And then the lovebirds reveal that they actually broke up for no more than two weeks during their relationship.

An athlete, because both Luca Haney and Christina Luft must have a busy schedule. The professional dancer goes full throttle on “let’s go dancing”Wooden floor.

On the other hand, Luca will show his songs on stage again. The famous singer is on tour for the next three weeks. “I’ve been gone for three weeks now! It’s on tour, everyone is there, not just me,” says Christina.

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