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This is how Johannes and Jessica Haller finally found each other

This is how Johannes and Jessica Haller found each other

But how did the two get back together after Jesse’s rejection? After the Bachelor season in 2017, they never lost touch. While Johannes Jessica writes letters from time to time, she does not reply at all. Shortly before Johannes wants to give up, reinforced by a friend, he makes one last attempt and writes the magic lines: “I must think of you every day, Jesse!”

Those words don’t leave Jesse cold either. She agreed to meet Johannes. A little dream came true in Ravensburger. In Ibiza, drop everything and fly straight to Dusseldorf to see Jessica. But she does not make it so easy for her lover – for she has left Johan to fidget and does not give him her home address. Instead, Johannes ends up somewhere in the middle of nowhere, next to a pasture for cows. To his great delight, dream woman Jessica actually comes, parks her car right next to him and so begins her first real date with the car window down. For the two, it was the first time they saw each other again after the big Bachelor finale. And it was the start of something really big!