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This is how fans react wildly to Robert's new chew tape

This is how fans react wildly to Robert’s new chew tape

And Jessens was stepping on the gas, possibly also in the mouth of the head of the household, Robert. But the chewing bar is not for everyone.

The basics in brief

  • It looks like Robert and Carmen Jess are working on their looks.
  • The Current Millionaire’s Chew Bar has not been well received.

He has beautiful teeth – or maybe not!

Reality star and millionaire Robert Jess (57) has a bright smile. He loves it—his wife, Carmen Jess (56), probably too.

However, Roberts’ white and straight chew bar is less popular with his fans. employment Instagram Tribute to the teeth of sarcasm and malice!

can read “terrible!” Under shot of Robert Jess and Carmen. Or something like: “Yeah, you can see right away that it’s artificial, and it doesn’t look good.”

It gets worse here, because the user wonders if Robert has new teeth “and all 48.” Another says, “Yeah, and it looks like a neglected chewing block of Stefan Rapp.”

Did Robert’s teeth succeed?

And what does Robert say? nothing. He appears to be heading with his family to a luxury chalet in Vorarlberg, Austria. Who wants to deal with sarcasm and malice when it comes to this dream destination?

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