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This is how Christina Luft and Luca Haney bring their passionate love to the stage

This is how Christina Luft and Luca Haney bring their passionate love to the stage>broadcast>

06. June 2021 – 15:48 hour

Christina and Luca dance their love on the parquet “Let’s Dance”

It all started with “Let’s Dance” in 2020: A cracking crack between Christina Luft and Luca Hanni. A year later, the two are back together on the dance floor – as an AND . dance Lovers. In the great career challenge, the two prove to everyone: They have found each other and each other. that Luca is participating in the show as a non-professional, Suddenly it becomes a secondary topic, because love and feelings are at the fore. How Christina breaks down in tears after the soulful dance featured in the video above.

“Guys, the wedding dance has already been done!

“Every path I’ve taken suddenly makes sense because I’m finally here with you,” says Luca Hanni’s song “Where Have You Been,” which he dedicated to Christina and gave to Christina. And that’s exactly the song the two are dancing to in The Big Professional Challenge. Motsy Mabuze then jokes: “Guys, the wedding dance has already been done!” So far there has been no engagement, but the dream couple reveals: “We are currently looking for homes.” What great news!

Motsy believes that Lucas’ performance should not be neglected out of absolute love. The juror is amazed: “What quality do you still have, you are suitable here!” By the way, the singer will also be able to prove his dancing talent in 2021 on the “Let’s Dance” tour. Because here it is, just like partner Christina Luft!

In the video: Christina and Luca show what they got to know

Many viewers already understood it during “Let’s Dance” 2020, Christina and Luca just a few weeks later: They belong together! Here in the video they once again tell you how the dancing couple became lovers. (coa)

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