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This is how Beatrice Egli reacts to wealth questions

This is how Beatrice Egli reacts to wealth questions

Beatrice Egli has been ranked on the “100 Rich Young People Under 40” list. Now she was asked about her millions. And I found a sympathetic answer.


The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli makes music and has her own TV show.
  • All this makes a good profit.
  • So the singer is a millionaire.

The ruble is rolling over – and how!

Beatrice Egli doesn’t just fill up the concert halls and land on one He hits after the next day. The singer (33) has her own TV show since April. In addition, Egli is a regular guest on successful programs on German television.

And it all pays off: because the “Everything You Need” translator has a file fat Filled bank account.

how many franc Exactly the same there caper? Only Egli knows! What is certain is that it should be between two and five million franc is being.

Because the singer made it to the “100 Rich People Under 40” on Bilanz’s list this year.

Now Egli’s reaction was SRF– «Donnschtig-Jass» on wealth interview questions. Last week, 34 years of Rainer Maria Salzgeber (52) asked about the balance of their account in the program.

She explains, “Success for me is doing what makes me happy and standing up for myself. These are values ​​you won’t find in magazines.”

The fact that she meets new people and their stories every day is more important than anything else.

Did you think Beatrice Egli is a millionaire?

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