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This is his former millionaire!

This is his former millionaire!

Claudia Norberg, Michael Wendler’s ex-girlfriend, is on Cloud Nine. Your new flame is a German millionaire.

The basics in brief

  • Now it’s official: Wendler-Ex Claudia Norberg has found a new love.
  • Millionaire Hubertus Freiherr von Falkenhausen did just that for the reality TV star.
  • In the interview, the luxury car dealer is now shooting at the former Wendler scandal.

This is where coal comes from! Claudia Norberg (50) has a new boyfriend – her millionaire boyfriend. Ex-Michael Wendler (49) has a great new husband at Hubertus Freiherr von Falkenhausen (56) love have found.

Compared to “Build,” the luxury car dealer confirms his relationship with the reality TV star. The two are in an “eight months” relationship. thanks to him Careers Wendler-Ex pays for the expensive separation BMW X6 «Totally Free».

Michael Wendler as the ‘culprit’

Norberg will get one too Porsche may possess. He commented on Claudia’s choice of 81,000: “But she is modest.”FrankenBMW.

In the interview, Freiherr von Falkenhausen could not resist an obvious criticism of the scandal of his beloved ex-girlfriend. She did “everything for her family” and “never been” With her husband’s guarantee converted to.

American Michael Wendler strongly condemned: “She defended what her husband was doing because he could no longer run a company because there was already a bankruptcy.” I got severance pay She is “worthy” – only in this way can she “to some extent continue to live”. For him, Wendler should be held accountable as “the guilty party”.

Hubertus introduces himself Protects from his flame: “I can attest that Mrs. Norberg does not live in a splendid five million villa.” She lives in a “below average” house and “no longer has any high demands on life whatsoever”.

Will Wendler return?

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