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This is exactly how stars stand out without a filter!

This is exactly how stars stand out without a filter!

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Demi Moore are usually seen only in elaborate ways. The stars are now showing themselves “topless”.

The basics in brief

  • The stars are just people like you and me.
  • On social media, many celebrities act completely normal for once.

Perfect makeup and beauty filter – this is how celebrities like to appear on social media.

But there’s another way: some celebrity ladies now present themselves completely naturally – despite their small flaws!

above all Reality Queen Kim Kardashian (41). The aspiring lawyer just launched her own skincare line.

To show that she also suffers from bumps, the mother of four presents her uncut, unrefined skin.

If you look closely, you can actually see some pimples on her radiant skin.

Jennifer Lopez is all natural

At the age of 52, singer Jennifer Lopez is an absolute beauty icon. On stage, faded clothes and a lot of makeup inspired her. But JLo is only at home normal motherlike them Instagram fix

She shows her fans her morning routine and totally ditches the elaborate styling. Refreshing of course!

Do you spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning?

Actress Demi Moore (59) was recently with the Swiss star chef Daniel Hamm (46) in a relationship. The the love For the 13-year-old, Demi shines so beautifully that she does without lipstick, mascara, and the like.

On social media, she posts a natural message Photograph from the bathtub. Without makeup but with glasses.

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