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This is behind Jabouri's greeting to Harry

This is behind Jabouri’s greeting to Harry

All hopes destroyed: That’s why Prince William is congratulating his brother Harry more than ever.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry celebrated his 37th birthday on September 15.
  • Brother William and Mrs. Kate congratulated – sensibly.
  • Evidence of the broken relationship between the two brothers.

Hope last thing dies. But with these two, the topic of reconciliation seems to have come a long way again!

That the relationship between Prince William (39) and Prince Harry (37) It was difficult months ago is no secret. But again and again hope arose that the quarrelsome brothers could still coexist again.

The last time I looked at the commemoration of Princess Diana (1961-1997) was a careful attempt at progress. But now, just in time for Prince Harry’s 33rd. date of BirthThe gap can no longer be overlooked.

Because instead of posting a joint photo, Prince William and Duchess Kate (39) kept her somewhat sober on the special day.

Prince William and Kate post a picture of Harry with the addition: ‘Happy birthday Prince Harry! ” Something small …

If you look at the prince’s recent birthdays, the official congratulations from Kate and William sounded even more enthusiastic.

Last year there was a joint photo with the addition: “We wish Prince Harry Very nice date of Birth. »

A year ago, William posted an intimate photo with his beloved brother Harry.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe knows why he’s so demure this year. Compared to Sun, he says, “The short Christmas message from William serves as evidence that the ice between the two brothers has not yet thawed.”

“This year’s wishes show the deterioration of relations between the two warring clans,” Larcombe continues.

What do you think of Jabouri’s brief message from Prince William and Duchess Kate?

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