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This Disney series mixes Star Wars with crime

This Disney series mixes Star Wars with crime

Amandla Stenberg in “The Assistant.”Image: Disney


Yes, another “Star Wars” series. No, the Acolyte does not approach Andor.

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This new Disney series, created by Leslye Headland (“Russian Doll”), can not only please “Star Wars” fans, but will also be something for crime fans. “The Acolyte” blends these two elements and has a slightly different approach than the previous “Star Wars” series.

It starts with a lot of work. Jedi Master Andara encounters a young fighter who seems to hold a personal grudge against Andara and Jedi in general.

“The Acolyte” is set a century before the collapse of the Republic and serves as a prequel to George Lucas's film series. In the lead role, Amandla Stenberg plays former Jedi Osha, who now works as a ship mechanic. She was arrested as a suspect in the attack on Andara. But it soon turns out that Usha is innocent.

the assistant

Jedi Master Sol (right) with Padawan Jecki (center).Image: Disney

Then May, her twin sister who was believed dead, appears at the scene. And May has a mission: to kill my grandfather. It's now up to Osha and her former master Sol to solve the crimes and stop Mai. But the big question remains that our main characters explore: Who trained May? Who is their master?

“Star Wars” turns into a crime thriller

While May's rampage has political implications for the Jedi, “The Acolyte” is more concerned with the personal implications. As a viewer, it is difficult to understand May's reasons. She seems very firm in her decisions, but she seems very distant and vague in her motives and random in her decisions. The third episode, a look back at Mai and Osha's childhood, gives a little insight into their actions.

As Osha slowly discovers the truth about her and Mai's shared history, The Acolyte takes on the dark dynamic of a conspiracy thriller: each answer seems to raise more troubling questions. The Jedi's role in the sisters' childhood also seems to be less benevolent than Osha always thought.

the assistant

Finally there are Wookiees again – but with Man Bun. Image: Disney


“The Assistant” doesn't completely upend the “Star Wars” formula. It stays true to the magic that has carried this universe for so many decades: alien planets, lightsabers, strange creatures, and let's not forget: Wookiees.

There are clear references to the original Star Wars films with Luke and Leia. Then there's a mysterious cloaked figure with a distorted voice who supports May and – as you've probably guessed – clearly reminds you of Darth Vader.

This era in the “Star Wars” universe has not yet been explored, and therefore holds great potential for new stories. “The Acolyte” could explore this particular story — the Force and the fall of the Jedi — more deeply in upcoming episodes. To do this, the series will have to explore the political consequences of May's revolution in greater depth.

The first episodes get off to a promising start, although the acting and dialogue still leave a lot to be desired. The fight scenes are not neglected, especially as the hand-to-hand combat is well choreographed and fun. But this series doesn't come close to “Andor.”

The first two episodes are already available on Disney Plus. A new episode is published every Wednesday. There are eight episodes in total.

You can see the scene here:

What do you think of “The Monarch”?

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