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Third place in the hardware group – Einziedler Anzeiger

Third place in the hardware group – Einziedler Anzeiger

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Third place in the device composition

As a final evaluation before the Cantonal Gymnastics Festival in Schwyz, the Cantonal Club Championships were held on White Saturday in the Botticon.

A member of the Equipment Group team was the first to enter the competition. Under the supervision of Shana Fassler and Tanya Pfrunder, 25 gymnasts showed off their skills on floor and bars.

After only one hour, the rings section began its competition. The program, led by Sonja Steinauer and Karen Sutter, was enough to secure fourth place in a strong field of participants. A team of four women and one team of men completed both matches in the all-round specialist test. This led to the presence of rows in the middle of the field.

Third place at lunchtime was the competition venue for the youth gymnastics competition. The newly formed hardware group is brought to life by Noemi Schneidrig, Julia Kalin and Eileen Oksner. They showed an attractive performance on floor and uneven bars and achieved a strong third place.

In the afternoon, the high jumpers showed off their skills. The young team reached an average height of 1.42 metres. Two men's teams demonstrated their jumping ability in the long jump. The most experienced team was able to jump an average distance of 5.57 meters in the sand. Each team competed in the sling shot and long throw.

Missed out on the podium The day of competition ended with the shuttle rounds which the whole club loudly supported. The men made a delivery error that ultimately prevented them from finishing on the podium.

The signs for the Gymnastics Festival are all good so the final boom can be addressed so the best possible performances can be put on display in front of the home audience.

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