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Third Place in Davos Challenge: First professional podium for triathletes Samuel Pottinger - Sport

Third Place in Davos Challenge: First professional podium for triathletes Samuel Pottinger – Sport

Samuel Pottinger is happy at the end. Photo: Silas Stein/Challeng Davos

Triathlon: Neuhengstetter takes third place in Davos Challenge / Swimming canceled

With yet another respectable success, Samuel Pottinger was able to confirm his rising level in his first professional season. In the Davos Challenge, he finished third with a time of 3:37:24 hours over the middle distance. It is the first podium for the new stallion in his debut season as a professional. It also made him the best German. He only had to admit defeat to Spaniards Roberto Sanchez in first place (3:33:47) and Albert Moreno Mullins (3:35:10).

The planned triathlon turned into a duo race shortly before the start. The organizers canceled swimming in Lake Davos. In the cold rain, the water temperature was only 15 degrees. The thermometer showed outside only six degrees. Instead of swimming in the lake, the athletes had to run around it.

However, the race was not the easiest. Because the weather disturbed the athletes. After the first lap of four kilometers, it was time for the bike cycle. The Flüelapass had to be crossed twice over a distance of 54 kilometers. Almost 1,800 meters of elevation met. The highest point of the pass is 2383 meters. Then the rain that fell in the valley turned into snow.

So it was necessary for athletes to wear a protective jacket and gloves. “It was unnatural,” said Pottinger. After a short while on the bike, he could barely feel his fingers and toes. “It was criminal to leave,” he said, describing the circumstances. Fog and rain could have severely restricted visibility.

It was good for him that he had already cycled once before. That’s why he knew the critical points. “I can then take the risk,” he said. Its top speed was 86 kilometers per hour downhill. He was once again able to show his technical qualities on the bike and completed the road in 2:01:21 hours.

So he came to the transitional zone in third place. In the final race of 21 kilometres, he was overtaken by Moreno Mullins. Shortly before the end, he managed to collect David Brennlinger from Heidelberg himself. Pottinger finally arrived with barely 15 seconds before.

“In the end I was very happy and proud,” he said. After a week of participating in the Allgäu Triathlon, he wasn’t expecting such a good venue. Despite the weather, he felt better physically throughout the race. It also handles altitude well. And the first professional platform built to tackle hardships – including a champagne shower. In addition, there was a huge financial prize of 1,400 euros.

After a short regeneration period, he returns to training fully. Because with his coach Sebastian Hess he decided to take another medium distance competition in October. He was considering challenging Budva in Montenegro at the beginning of October. The track profile is similar to that of the Allgäu. His coach certainly expects a lot from him. “He said that after fourth in the Allgäu and third in Davos, it was clear what was coming next,” Pottinger joked.