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They will pay tribute to the victims of Govt-19 in the United Kingdom – Prensa Latin

According to the broadcaster, the idea of ​​celebrating National Reflection and Remembrance Day is being promoted by a charity called Marie Curie and has the support of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and leaders of major British political parties and other organizations.

The National Tribute is a minute of silence, followed by a bell ringing, inviting people to stand in the doorway of their home at 20:00 GMT, and a ‘lighthouse’ reminder with candles, flashlights or cell phones.

The country’s finest buildings will glow to pay tribute to the more than 125,400 people who died in the UK from the Govt-19 epidemic.

The disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, has bankrupted many companies and left thousands of workers unemployed despite government assistance.

The first isolation lasted until mid-June, followed by four weeks in October and a third in January, but it began to gradually increase this week after registering a decline in infections and infections. .

According to the road map announced by Johnson, this time the expected return to normalcy will come from mid-June, when most of the country’s adult population is expected to be vaccinated.

As of this Saturday, a further 121 deaths and 5,534 positive cases have accumulated to 4 million 253 thousand 820 infections, with more than 23.6 million people receiving the first dose of the vaccine against Govt-19.

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