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They were attacked by ten armed men in the vacation home

They were attacked by ten armed men in the vacation home

Fortunately for rapper Loredana Zevi, ten men broke into her vacation home. The 25-year-old and her family were unharmed.

Several people stormed Loredana. – Instagram / @loredana

The basics in brief

  • Loredana and her husband Mozzik are on vacation in Barcelona.
  • According to the rapper, ten armed men broke into her home while she was sleeping.
  • The 25-year-old was unharmed, but something valuable was stolen from her.

Big shock for rapper Loredana Zevi (25)! Lucerne woman do Holiday in Barcelona (Spain).

On Instagram The musician exchanged quiet moments with husband Mozic, 25. But the dream vacation ends with Zvi’s nightmare. Ten armed men stormed her home on the night of 5 July.

On Instagram The rapper shared the footage from her security camera and wrote: “I couldn’t believe it myself, I was sleeping. If you have any clues, please reach out to us!”

A valuable item has been stolen from Loredana

The footage shows several men in hats entering through the front door. In the next watch clip, they rushed out of the house. The man can also be seen with an elongated body, which may be blotchy.

Loredana wrote that the men stole, among other things, “very personal items.” It does not specify what exactly. But it is not about the money.

The thieves also stole all the hard drives of their photographers. Apparently Muzik and Loredana shot a video in Barcelona.

She and her family were unharmed. I wrote “Thank God”. “Yesterday I realized again that you should be grateful every day for what you have.”

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