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They warn against excluding women in the global response to the epidemic – Brenza Latin

Although 70 percent of health workers in the world are women, they are not usually included in the decision-making process on how to deal with the impact of the epidemic, said Achim Steiner, executive director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The company, the UN. Was responsible for preparing the joint report with the Women and the University of Pittsburgh.

The study found that only 24 percent of Govt-19 task force members tested in 137 countries were women.

In addition, he points out, 26 of those 137 groups have no women, and only eight have gender equality.

For this reason, the UNDP, the UN Women and the University of Pittsburgh suggested that in a better response to the epidemic, policies and programs should have a ‘gender perspective’.

Without women in decision-making roles, government actions are more likely to ignore their needs and further increase random recovery, which threatens to reverse decades of progress on gender issues.

UN According to Pamsil Malampo-Enkuka, Managing Director of Women, it is unthinkable for women to ‘face the most discriminatory crisis we have ever experienced’ without full participation.

He stressed that men have given themselves the impossible task of making the right decisions about women without the benefit of women’s knowledge, and that this needs to be quickly adjusted to work together for an equal, gender-conscious and greener future.

During a virtual event for International Women’s Day on March 8, UN Secretary – General Antonio Guterres warned of the repercussions of gender issues in the midst of the Govt-19 epidemic, saying, well, they are playing a fundamental role in tackling this crisis.

Often, the incumbent warned, services are provided by women, but decisions are made by men, and it is time to change that.

He also spoke about their role in combating the epidemic and how countries with female leaders have the lowest mortality rate since Govt-19.

But the UN Secretary-General warned that many women are now facing an increase in gender-based violence, unpaid maintenance work, unemployment and poverty.

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