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These stars have not changed over the years

These stars have not changed over the years

Immortal faces

From JLo to Julia Roberts, these stars are aging in slow motion

Visually, some of the stars appear to have changed quite a bit over the years. While some look better, others still grace magazine covers well into their old age.


Michelle Hunziker



  • At some point, the scourge of time catches up to everyone. Despite this, some people look almost the same, if not better, than they did when they were young.

  • Like Martha Stewart. At 81, the author graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

  • Other celebrities seem to have good genes or maybe they just have a good beauty doc.

Many Hollywood stars have been known from the movie and music scene for decades. You can often follow the careers of young artists at the time in movies or on TV. It is noticeable that a celebrity still looks as good, if not better than they did a few years ago.

So does TV personality and author Martha Stewart. This is the 81-year-old The first supermodel of her age to be featured in Sports Illustrated Adorns the cover of the Swimsuit issue.

For this, Stewart also gets a lot of encouragement from the followers. For example, influencer Kristen Harper wrote: “Unbelievable! It’s iconic.” Another follower commented: “Absolute goddess!” Other users praise the cover and the message behind it. Thank you also for honoring older women on your cover. It’s a clear testament that women still have great looks in this age.”

Michelle Hunziker and Tension with Immortal Faces

But not only with Martha Stewart the wheel of time seems to stand still. This past July, a fashion designer stunned Vera Wang on her 73rd birthday with her youthful look. In the photo gallery you will find other celebrities who seem to have never aged or look better today than they did back then. Swiss stars like Stress, Bligg and Michelle Hunziker are among the timeless faces on the celebrity scene.

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