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These new names are on the list of candidates for coaches

These new names are on the list of candidates for coaches

Christophe Speicher, Head of Sports at YB, is currently working on the successor to coach Gerardo Siwan. Will the master use himself in Austria again?

The basics are in brief

  • The Bernese Young Boys are looking for a new coach for next season.
  • Three new names are currently in circulation as potential successors to Gerardo Siwan.
  • calls the narrow circle of candidates for internship in Berne.

After three years and four titles, I say goodbye Coach Gerardo Siwan From Young Boys and moves to Leverkusen. Sports Director Christophe Speicher He deals intensely these days with the successor to Lucerne. Various job interviews are conducted.

Lately, various names have been circulated in this regard. YB Sports Director Christophe Speicher You can hardly look at the cards when looking for a coach.

Lustrinelli is also on a chat at FCZ

The following candidates have been in circulation since Seoane’s exit: Fabio Celestini, Bruno Burner and Mauro Lustrenelli.

Mario Frick’s name appears wherever a coaching job is available. Liechtensteiner did well with Vaduz despite his relegation. It may be questioned whether this performance guide extends to Bern.

Mauro Lustrenelli is clearly just not on the list with Young Boys. The Swiss U-21 coach will also be attending FC Zurich Hot trading.

Three new names on the YB Coaches List

Research by shows that there are now three other candidates in the race.

on the other side ,F.C.B-Fitness Trainer Raphael Wiki. However, he still had a valid contract in Chicago. It’s unclear if he can get out of there.

On the other hand, this is Dominic Thalhamer. A name that has not previously appeared in the speculative list. The Austrian is currently training LASK. And it’s also traded in a very narrow circle of favorites.

With Uday Hutter YB actually used it in Austria in 2015. It hit the bull’s eye. Under current GladbachKoch became the champion of Switzerland in 2018 for the first time in more than 30 years.

Thon coach Carlos Berniger has known sporting director Speicher from a year ago GC– times. The 52-year-old belongs to the expanded pool of candidates.

Will it be Mr. X again?

It seems likely that the new YB coach will be chosen from among the pool of potential successors.

Who will be the new coach at YB?

As in everyone Find a coach The famous Mr. X is also a candidate at YB. This option is especially realistic with Spycher. Or did Seoane have someone on his list three years ago? No.

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