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Release in 2022 - Intel enthüllt erste Informationen zu Grafikkarten

These games support DLSS from Nvidia

Intel XeSS is the counterpart to DLSS from Nvidia. It is now clear which games can take advantage of the feature first.

The basics in brief

  • Nvidia’s DLSS ensures a smoother gaming experience and smoother edges.
  • XeSS is the name for the company’s graphics cards, Intel.
  • “Hitman 3” and “The Riftbreaker” will be the first games to support XeSS.

The first dedicated graphics cards from Intel will appear soon. Internally, dressed Codename “Arc Alchemist”. Graphics cards are released from the CPU manufacturer with Intel XeSS. The abbreviation stands for Xe Super Sampling and takes over the function that already exists Nvidias DLSS can: On the one hand, the game is rendered more fluently, and on the other hand, the edges are smoothed more beautifully.

Intel innovation 2021.

It is now clear which two games will be the first to support this feature. As “Rock Paper Shotgun” reported, citing company information, it is Umm killer 3 and Riftbreaker. Both games were presented at this week’s Intel InnovatiON show – that’s the company’s keynote. This is mainly aimed at developers – there were no game scenes.

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