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These filming locations attract crowds of tourists

These filming locations attract crowds of tourists

A small French village is currently overrun by tourists due to the Netflix series “Lupine”. This has a negative effect on the church. These soap operas and films had a similar impact on domestic tourism.

The master thief Arsene Lupine lived in the novels in the small French coastal village of Etretat in the north of the country. the Netflix-Adaption «Thermos» With Omar Sy in the main role, the film was shot there – many cinema tourists are now overtaking society.

As a result, some residents have already moved.

The mayor now wants to close the village. There is a constant traffic jam on the streets, all the parking spaces are occupied, and there are cars on the sidewalks. That is why only local car owners should be allowed into the village in the future. For this reason, parking spaces for visitors are being built outside on the coast.

Despite the negative effects of tourism, tourism is a great source of income for the village of 1,200 residents.

In the past, many businesses have ensured a strong movie tourism. In the photo gallery above, you can see the most beautiful destinations most visited in the corresponding years by movie lovers from all over the world.

“lupine” Available on Netflix.