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These are the versions of Windows 11

When Windows 11 becomes generally available in October (or November), most users should access the new version of Windows via a classic upgrade. However, Windows 11, as before, will also be available in several purchased editions, although so far Microsoft has failed to provide detailed information about the different editions.

As now but “MySmartPrice” Reports, a supposedly true list of so-called Windows 11 SKUs (an acronym for Stock Keeping Units) was posted on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s website, which lists the following versions:

• Windows 11 Pro
• Windows 11 Home
• Windows 11 Pro Education
• Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
• Windows 11 Enterprise
• Windows 11 Education
• Windows 11 Mixed Reality

Compared to the current Windows 10 portfolio, a mixed reality version has been added, which may have been designed for use with Hololens. However, the feature sets of individual versions are still not fully known. However, it can be assumed that the situation is similar to that of today’s versions and that the Master version, unlike the Pro version, will not offer any bitlocker domain or support. (Win)