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These are the most popular songs in Switzerland

These are the most popular songs in Switzerland

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02.12.2021, 10:1702.12.2021, 12:50

It’s time again: Spotify has released the singles for the Year of Music. The streaming provider has compiled an individual list of the songs, artists, and podcasts you’ve listened to the most this year.

Already checked your “Best Songs of 2021”? We’re already starting to swing a little bit today. We kept these songs in the loop:

Harry Styles – Gold

Dan and Max Hare Danger – Nothing Can Happen to Me

Ulysses – Pan Club

KT Gorique – Another municipality

“Hip-hop is really cool and from Switzerland too! »

Haydée Milanés – Music

“It’s older, I only discovered it this year. Then it ran in a loop all summer.”

Phineas Staples – Law of Averages

“Good song. Also has a very nice video about it.”

Lullaby – Against the Current

21 savage – too much

“The fact that this song was my most listened to has a lot to do with my playlists. The song comes first on my hip-hop playlist.”

And what is your most streamed song on Spotify in 2021? Write it down in the comments below!

Where can I find my personal comment of the year?

The annual review appears automatically when you open the app on your smartphone or computer. Here You directly get a ‘end of the year gift’ from your streaming provider.

If no window opens, you can search for the year under review 2021 above. If that also doesn’t work, you should update the app.

Top Tracks 2021 Switzerland

Spotify not only publishes our personal favourites, but also the ones with the most traffic. These songs were in Switzerland Most streamed:

Platz 5: Baby Laroy, Justin Bieber – Survival

Venue 4: Tiësto – Work

Platz 3: Glass Animals – Heat Waves

Platz 2: Riton x Nightcrawlers – Friday with Mufasa & Hypeman

Platz 1: Lil Nas X, Montero – Call me by your name

Best music tracks of 2021:

Two of the most streamed songs in Switzerland are also among the top 5 songs heard worldwide. However, there is another song in the first place:

Platz 1: Olivia Rodrigo – driver’s license

“Call Me By Your Name” by Lil Nas X and MONTERO (Switzerland No. 1) and “Stay” by Justin Bieber (Switzerland No. 5) came in second place. And Olivia Rodrigo again took fourth place – with this song:

Platz 4: Olivia Rodrigo – Good 4 u

Platz 5: Doaa Lipa – Raising

The most famous artists around the world:

The most famous musicians were also selected. Right at the top of the world rankings is the Puerto Rican bad bunny with his good mood songs, as he did in 2020.

  • first place: Bad Bunny (Yonaguni)
  • place 2: Taylor Swift (red)
  • place 3: BTS (butter)
  • fourth place: Drake (route 2 exciting with future and young thug)
  • Fifth place: Justin Bieber (ghost)

These were the most popular songs in 2020:


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