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These 5 shoe styles go with every dress

These 5 shoe styles go with every dress

2. loafers

Loafers are not only incredibly comfortable and stylish – they also go with dresses perfectly. Whether with a shirt dress, l elegant dress or for fun lace dress: Loafers give each look a certain something and are very elegant at the same time. Tip: Models with stilettos look a little more feminine than flat models and are a comfortable alternative to high-heeled shoes. Especially cute with ankle socks.

3. Lace sandals

Do you want to wear a simple dress in a very short time? Nothing gets easier than this: lace-up sandals give every look a chic upgrade in no time at all and are the perfect dress-making partner. With an extravagant feminine touch, they transform even the simplest of dresses into an elegant look par excellence.

4. Pumps

These go with all our favorite dresses: pumps are the perfect partner to style every dress and upgrade every outfit in no time. Classic fashion is also super comfortable and the ultimate staple! Whether you’re at the office, for drinks with friends, or for an elegant dinner – you’re always right with a combination of dress and heels.

5. Espadrilles

The perfect summer shoes are undoubtedly the espadrilles. Casual shoes from France not only make for a pure summer vibe, but also pair nicely with our favorite mini dresses. In addition, it is very comfortable and can be combined with almost any style thanks to its pure design. we love!